Officieel Kase Ambassadeur

Marcel van Balkom

Kase Official Netherlands Ambassador


Nature plays a big role in my life, but that goes without saying when you live in a village on the edge of a national park. As a small boy, I spent all of my time in my favorite nature reserve the Biesbosch (my own backyard, so to speak). Autumn, winter and spring are my favorite seasons and during these periods I often go out to this wonderful natural area. During my younger years, I was mainly busy with drawing and painting birds of prey. Since then I have shifted my focus to photography but my love of nature has remained unchanged. For decades I have been passionately photographing nature. It’s especially the images of untouched nature that give me great satisfaction and tranquility. My photographic work is regularly published in several leading nature and photography magazines. I also take care to regularly exhibit my work and give lectures. For several years I have organized workshops in various natural areas in Europe. The main themes include landscape photography, filter use and photographic techniques, nature photography trips to Iceland. To get my shots, I use modern lenses and cameras that allow me to capture landscapes in a special way with a huge amount of detail. This substantially affects the quality of the image with regard to color, detail and sharpness. For almost all of my shots, I use a good, high-quality filter systems. My favorite tools are wide-angle lenses, sometimes with a huge angle up to 180 degrees. This is reflected in my photography, portrait photos for more perspective and the use of objects or structures in the foreground giving the landscape extra depth is a trademark. In my photography, I show landscapes that do not exist in reality, or are different in reality, through the use of filters or special techniques such as slow shutter speeds and panorama techniques that result in a wide and dynamic whole. It is important to experience the beauty, and to convey my experience, vision and emotions related to the nature in the image. In these photographs, 99% of time, there is no place for disturbing “elements” including humans. I try to immortalize my reality in an artistic way and in the most optimal quality to convey my fondness for pristine images from the Netherlands and the northern sub Polar Regions….

My motto : Nature is infinite but not limitless. Let us not seek the border but respect it ….

2017 – Finalist in National Geographic photo contest (final @ 22/11/2017 – Landscape Zeeland).
2015 – Nominated and finalist for the Frans Lanting Award (Landscape Biesbosch).
2013 – Awarded by public in WNF / National Geographic Photo-competition “Bird Migration”.
2012 – 1X.COM hall of fame (Build to kill – 40 Breathtaking closeup photographs of animals).
2011 – Runner-up and received “highly commended” at the BWPA (British Wildlife Photography Awards).
2010 – Grand jury winner in Vara’s vroege vogels (early birds) photo contest.


Books published …
2010 – Published a photobook titled : “MOOI” de Biesbosch (ISNB 978-90-731187-67-2)
2016 – Published a photobook titled : A flirt with the arctic circle in Iceland (ISBN 978-90-73187-97-2)) (presented 1st copy to the ambassador of Iceland).
2018 – National Geographic calendar of 2018


Photo’s published in :
WNF Panda, Grasduinen magazine, National Geographic NL, Shoot Magazine, ZOOM.NL Magazine, multiple Birdpix practical photobooks, Brabeau Magazine, Chip Foto & Video, Belgium Digital, and many other nature books and magazines.

Delivered photowork to : Proximus NV, Teleac, Kosmos uitgevers, Pictues Publischers, IVN Brabant, NVN natuurfoto verbond, Staatsbosbeheer, Kase Filters NL, NP de Biesbosch, ROOTS, RTV Dordrecht, Omroep Branbant.


Other notable achievements …
Blogger for ZOOM.NL magazine:
As from Nov 2017, ZOOM.NL Editorial, commission member.
Since 2017 Brand ambassador for Kase Filters in the Netherlands.

If you like to know more of Marcel van Balkom, please visit :
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Fujifilm GFX 50SFujifilm GF 23mm f/4 R LM WR
23mm / ƒ/16 / 1/8s / ISO 100
Kase Wolverine Series Square Filters


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